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Our mission is to create a comfortable life style Through Key & Keyless technology.
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In the Greek language, Alpha means the highest or the first. As its name suggests, ALPHA Corporation aims at all times to be the number one full-line lock and key manufacturer and has accordingly provided many quality products.
To the rising demand for locks and keys that are more secure and convenient, which accompanies changes of the society, ALPHA Corporation will respond quickly with key and keyless products incorporating the state-of the-art technology.
By providing key and keyless products - products that combine the security of theft prevention provided by mechanical keys with the simplicity and stylishness of keyless technology - it is our desire, and our mission, to create a comfortable lifestyle that is characterized by peace of mind and pleasantness.

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Soon after its founding in 1923, in an era when locks and keys are usually custom-made, ALPHA Corporation developed an innovative business model of selling mass-produced cylinder locks through hardware stores. The enterprising spirit is taken over to develop the latest products such as FB Lock and Passive Key System.


In 1933, a decade after its founding, ALPHA Corporation started manufacturing of the first lock & key set made in Japan for newly born Datsun cars. Since then, its technology has continued evolving to develop Electronic Key and Intelligent Key.


In 1964, the year Tokyo Olympic Games were held, we developed the nation's first coin-operated locker and installed at Shinjuku Railway Station in Tokyo, Japan. The use is spread so widely that the name of "Coin Locker" is now a common noun in Japan.

Industrial Equipment

Starting with padlocks marketed in 1947, ALPHA's industrial locks were widely used in the industrial field, and blazed our path of expanding product lines of locks to a variety of equipment.

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