Privacy Policy

ALPHA Corporation (“the Company,” hereinafter) recognizes that it is its social responsibility to appropriately protect information by which customers can be individually identified (“Personal Information” hereinafter) and promotes the following activities.

Security Measures

  1. The Company endeavors to appropriately handle Personal Information through conducting trainings for its employees as well as appointing persons responsible for administration of Personal Information at each department where the information is handled.
    Also, the Company implements adequate information security measures to prevent Personal Information from being lost, destroyed, altered or leaked.

Purpose of Use

  1. The Company may acquire Personal Information of customers to the extent necessary for the purposes such as providing customers with products and services, after-sales service, collecting and providing information in connection with product development, questionnaires, responding to inquiries.

Method of Use

  1. The Company will make use of Personal Information provided by customers to the extent necessary to accomplish the purpose of use.
    Besides, the Company may entrust the handling of Personal Information provided by customers to its subsidiaries or outside trustees.
    When entrusting, the Company strives to protect Personal Information of customers by selecting a trustee who appropriately handles Personal Information and stipulating matters necessary for appropriate handling by the trustee.

Provision to Third Parties

  1. Unless there is a valid reason, the Company will not provide Personal Information provided by a customer to any third party other than its subsidiaries, business trustees and business partners without consent of the customer.
    Meanwhile, in case the Company makes use of Personal Information jointly with its subsidiaries and/or business partners, it will in advance either notify the customer of the scope of joint users, items to be used, purpose of use, etc. or announce on its website.

Personal Inquiry

  1. In an event a customer requests for confirmation, correction, etc. of the Personal Information provided by the customer, upon the customer's application to the inquiry desk, the Company will respond to it to a reasonable extent.

Compliance with Relevant Laws and Regulations, and Guidelines

  1. The Company will comply with laws and regulations, and guidelines, applicable to Personal Information it holds and continue to review and make efforts to improve the contents of this policy.

Established: March 21, 2005
Revised: April 1, 2017

ALPHA Corporation

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*ALPHA Corporation will make use of Personal Information of customers, which it already acquired, under the Privacy Policy.