Compliance / Risk Management / Internal Controls


Compliance System

To realize fair and appropriate management and execute social responsibility, securing compliance is essential. ALPHA Corporation set Compliance Committee that promotes assessment, establishment and improvement of its compliance system so as to ensure its compliance.
Meanwhile, ALPHA Group provides ALPHA Helpline, the whistleblower window for its employees provided in an effort to find and correct problems in early stage, which should also help protect whistleblowers.

Education of Compliance

For ensuring compliance, ALPHA is conducting comprehensive training on its group level. By taking on familiar topics such as basic knowledge of agreements, copyrights, as well as incorporating fundamental subjects and those related to society trend, trainings such as e-learning and seminars are conducted each year.

Handling of Antisocial Forces

In ALPHA Group Business Conduct Guidelines that specifies the code of conduct to be observed in its operation, ALPHA Corporation states,”2. Sincere and Fair Activities, 2.5 Exclusion of antisocial forces and export/import management, No relations whatsoever will be held with antisocial forces that threaten the order and safety of civil society; rather, a firm attitude and approach will be thoroughly maintained. Also, concerning export/import management and transactions with other countries and groups, the applicable laws and regulations in each country will be adhered to.” And it is systematically responding to matters of this kind under corporation with police agencies, etc.
Meanwhile, ALPHA Corporation belongs to the Corporate Protection Committee of Kanagawa Prefecture and is conducting information exchange and study for avoidance of antisocial forces.

Risk Management

  1. Our group will promote initiatives to safeguard against a wide range of risks and minimize the impact should the associated events occur, thereby stabilizing our business management and achieving the sustainable development of our corporate activities.
  2. Each organization within our group has established an independent risk management system and promotes risk management under its own responsibility.
  3. In the event of a crisis or impending crisis, to minimize damage to stakeholders, we will take prompt and appropriate action based on the principle of human safety first.

Business Continuity Plan (BCP)

We have formulated business continuity plans (BCP) to minimize the impact of contingencies on our business activities so that we can minimize the interruptions of our business and continue to steadily supply customers with high-quality products and services even in the event of risks.

In the face of emerging risks, we will organize a response headquarters to ensure rapid and coordinated response involving all departments in charge and concerned under the direction of the headquarters’ chairperson.

Information Security

As a company with social responsibilities, we believe we are called upon to implement sweeping and effective measures against risks of information leakage and to manage and use our information assets in a safe manner. We have established an Information Security Policy to maintain appropriate information security and have intensified information management across the group and information security at the global level accordingly.

Response to New Influenza Strains

Prompted by the 2009 pandemic caused by a new influenza strain, we have developed an Influenza Control Manual that discusses how to respond to such outbreaks and communicated this information to all employees. Additionally, we have established influenza case reporting processes and intensified measures to control the spread of contagion to ensure uninterrupted operations.

Ensuring the Safety of Overseas Service Personnel and Travelers

In light of the recent diversification of risks emerging from globalization, including natural disasters and terror incidents, we have established official standards to guide overseas employee service and travel. We pursue ongoing efforts to mitigate and prevent risks to employees.
In 2015, we established a centrally controlled system that provides information on all overseas business travellers from Japan. This will help us rapidly confirm the safety and status of overseas business travellers and respond swiftly to emergencies.

Internal Controls

Establishing and Implementing Internal Controls to Ensure Sound and Efficient Organizational Management

ALPHA established its Basic Policy on Establishment of Internal Control System to ensure sound and efficient organizational management. Based on this policy, we have established and currently operate internal control systems throughout the ALPHA group to fulfill all four of the following objectives: financial reporting reliability; compliance with laws and regulations; work efficiency; and assets preservation.

Soundness and Efficiency Based on Two Types of Internal Audits

ALPHA undertakes two types of internal audits to ensure sound and efficient organizational management.
One, called Internal Control Auditing, seeks to ensure the proper function of internal controls to fulfil four objectives: financial reporting reliability; compliance with laws and regulations; work efficiency; and assets preservation. The other is a special audit conducted as necessary for specific management tasks. If suggestions for remedial action emerge from either type of audit, we provide the support needed to implement the recommended improvements.